This Gavaskar hospitalised after Kerala senior cop’s daughter allegedly beat him up; probe begins

The Hush Post: A driver with the Kerala Police, named Gavaskar, had to be admitted to a hospital after he was allegedly beaten up by a senior IPS officer’s daughter.

This incident that happened on Thursday was reported after the body of Kerala police officers supported the victim driver, Gavaskar, who has been attached as a driver with a Kerala Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Sudesh Kumar, a report said.

This Gavaskar hospitalised after Kerala senior cop’s daughter allegedly beat him up; probe begins

Kerala Police driver Gavaskar (left) and Kerala ADGP Sudesh Kumar.

Gavaskar has complained that as he got a little late to pick up ADGP Kumar’ wife and daughter after their morning walk, they got furious. Gavaskar has alleged that ADGP’s daughter Snigdha Kumar first started bad mouthing him and when she got into the car, she hit him, it was reported.

After this, the driver approached a police station and an FIR was lodged in this regard. On the other hand, ADGP’s daughter Snigdha also gave a complaint of harassment against Gavaskar, the report said.

Speaking to media from the Medical College Hospital where he was admitted, Gavaskar said on Friday that he has done no wrong.

“I have worked with other senior police officers and there has never been a complaint against me. I have done no wrong and I will prove my innocence in court,” Gavaskar was quoted as saying.

Kerala Police Officers’ Association Secretary C.R. Biju reportedly said: “These things should never ever happen again and we will be fully with Gavaskar, the victim.”

Meanwhile, the police headquarters has directed Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Pratapan Nair to hold a detailed investigation into the episode and give a report immediately.

ADGP Kumar, with whom Gavaskar was attached as driver, did not respond to the allegations at his daughter.

The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) has also asked the police headquarters to provide a list of officers who have orderlies and also the number of official vehicles being used by the officers, the report said.

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