Kotkhai rape and murder | Gudiya was raped by more than one person, say CFSL experts | CBI claim under question

gudiya rape and murder

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More than more persons raped Gudiya, in the Kotkhai rape and murder case. This even as CBI maintained that Gudiya was only raped by one person. The two forensic experts who recorded their statement in the related Suraj custodial death case confirmed, standing by their observation they had made in the comprehensive report that mentioned that there was a possibility of more than one person being involved in the rape and murder of Gudiya.

During the resumed hearing of the case, HV Acharya, the assistant director, Forensic Science Laboratory, Gandhinagar, and Hemangi Shah assistant director, Forensic Psychological Division, Directorate of Forensic Science, Gandhinagar were cross-examined by the counsel.

The two were cross-examined regarding the findings of the report.

Acharya and Shah both said that Gudiya was raped by more than one person.

When the defence counsel Matvinder Singh asked Acharya: Whether you stand by your observation that the crime had been committed by more than one persons, he said: ‘Yes.”

Hemangi Shah also replied in the affirmative.

In July 2017, Gudiya, was raped and murdered in Kothkai, Shimla. Police had arrested the six accused 10 days after the crime. One of the suspects, Suraj Singh, was found dead in custody at the Kotkhai police station on July 18, 2017.

The case was handed over to the CBI, who discharged all six accused of the allegations. As per CBI’s investigation, it was not a gangrape but rape and murder committed by one person.

In September 2017, Hemangi Shah had conducted a polygraph test on five accused in the ‘Gudiya rape and murder’- Ashish Chauhan, Rajinder Singh, Lokjan, Deepak and Subhash Singh. Acharya had conducted narco and BEOSP tests.

The two doctors, then jointly prepared the comprehensive forensic psychological report comprising the findings of the tests that were conducted on the accused. They have said that they stand by their observation that rape was committed by more than one person.

As per another news report, one more observation of the doctors was “definite police effort to defend someone”. When asked, “Do you stand by your observation that the immediate arrest of these six subjects without any direct evidence by a local police, torturing and threatening them to accept the crime implies a definite effort to defend someone.”

The doctors said “Yes”.


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