Kylie Jenner shows her raw side for ‘Playboy’ with Travis Scott | Internet goes wild

kylie Jenner

The Hush Post | 6:50 pm | One-minute read

Kylie Jenner recently had a photo-shoot for entertainment magazine ‘Playboy’ with her boyfriend Travis Scott. She uploaded a picture from the shoot on her Instagram account in which she can be seen completely nude wrapped in Travis’ arm who is shirtless.

The couple did a shoot for The Pleasure issue of the Playboy magazine. Its description reads, “It is a celebration of the things that bring us joy: sex, art, food, music, spiritual connection, travel, cannabis and community. And did we mention sex? In this issue, we aren’t only showcasing the artists and creators who bring us joy; we’re also shining a light on visionaries and revolutionaries who are fighting to expand access to pleasure for all.”

Kylie and Travis are together for more than two years and have a daughter named Stormi. Both of them never fail to portray their love for each other and chemistry between them. Be it vacations or red carpets, both of them portray themselves as a perfect couple.


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