2019 summer trends for women, go check them out!

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Change is constant. Fashion is change. Every year something new and refreshing is added to the trend list. Other than that, experimentation is an in-thing. Young people like experimenting with different, new and more practical things.

However, your fashion style clearly depicts your personality that attracts the attention of others. Also, it builds confidence in oneself.

Last summer was all about cuts, pastel colors and retro styles, but this year round, you might see more different stlyes.

Let’s see how can you lit up your style in 2019

  1. BOWS

Bows are totally in. Not those regular formal bows, but you will find them incorporated as a design somewhere on the sleeves or at the waist. This looks super cute and complete feminine. Bows with a knot give a twist to regular plain tees or tops. Actresses like Sonam Kapoor have been seen flaunting this style.


  1. TIE DYE

Tie and dyes are purely in this summer and they look super attractive. Fashion always goes full circle, whaat goes, comes back  again with a few changes. These prints can go both ways, either western or ethnic.  They will give a very refreshing and new feel this summer. The ‘tie and dye’ designs are not new, but it has made a comeback on different types of clothes, apart from being seen on traditional Indain wear like dupattas, kurtas, lehngas, long skirts, sarees, etc.



Tuxedos is the word associated with men, although they are a complete formal wear, women look super sexy in tuxedos. Tuxedos work both ways for women, as formals as well as casuals. A tuxedo is a must in your wardrobe this summer.



We have heard about hair fringes, but here we are talking about fashion. Fringes on a kurti bottom or on its sleeves are a new trend. You can go ethnic with it as well. It is a unique fashion trend that just adds a bit of glamour and playfulness to your dress.



As retro songs are totally in, so are puffed shoulders, a retro fashion,  making a comeback. This looks so feminine and princess style. Sonam Kapoor has already put this style on top by donning this style umpteen times.



Sequins have always been little add-ons, which brighten up your clothes. There was a time when sequins have totally vanished from the market, except for bridal wear. Sequins gowns have now become a perfect wear for evening parties. They make you stand different and super graceful. Many B town celebs such as Deepika Padukone are seen adorning them.

So, add up these latest fashion trends to your list and make your look hottie and trendy!!



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