Barack Obama as Santa Claus; WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post| 12:15pm| 1-min-read
Former US President Barack Obama took on a new role as Santa Claus on Wednesday. He gave a surprise visit to sick children in Washington.

Armed with a sack of gifts and wearing a Christmas cap, he delighted young patients at Children’s National hospital.
“I just want to say thank you to all of you guys,” Obama told staff, who greeted him with rapturous cheers, in a video he shared on his Twitter account.
“We’ve had the chance to talk to some wonderful kids and their families,” he added.
“As the dad of two girls, I can only imagine in that situation to have nurses and staff and doctors and people who are caring for them, and looking after them… that’s the most important thing there is.”
The 44th president of the United States, he lives in Washington. Last year too he dressed up as Santa to visit middle school students at a Boys & Girls Club.

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