Be virgin again after sex| Docs earning millions performing virginity repair

virginity repair

The Hush Post| 9:27 pm|one-minute-read|

Medics are earning millions to perform the clandestine “virginity repair” operations on women. These are the women who want to prove they are virgin on their wedding night.

A secretive “revirginisation” industry in Britain is thriving. This, at the expense of women who fear rejection from their traditional families.

Hundreds of girls travel to London for invasive hymenoplasty procedure. They pay thousands of pounds for it.

The procedure, commonly known as ‘hymen repair’ aims to create the illusion of an “unbroken” hymen. The operation is performed under local anaesthetia. It involves constructing a layer of skin at the entrance to the vagina that tears when a woman first has sexual intercourse.

The majority of women targeted by the “revirginisation” industry are young Muslims from Middle Eastern and Asian families. Quran forbids extramarital sex, or zina.

An investigation by the Sunday Times revealed at least 22 private clinics are offering hymenoplasty, mostly in London.

Some charge up to £3,000 for the surgery and lure vulnerable patients with advertisements that promise the surgery can “restore your innocence” and are “one hundred percent safe”.

One such private clinic, Regency International, in north London, appeared top of Google’s search results with ads reading: “Become a virgin again. Hymen repair surgery to get your virginity back!”

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