NDP’s Jagmeet Singh announces his candidature for the PM’s post of Canada

Jagmeet Singh

The Hush Post|15:09 pm |two-minute-read

The New Democratic Party (NDP)’s first Sikh leader Jagmeet Singh has now made it public that he is throwing his hat in the ring. He is eyeing for the Prime Minister’s post of Canada.

Jagmeet Singh, who has a huge fan base among the youth, is contesting the bye-elections of Burnaby South federal seat in British Columbia. It seems it will be a big challenge for Jagmeet Singh to win even the February by-elections.

Burnaby South constituency voters will cast their votes on February 25. Jagmeet Singh is left with little time for ensuring a win. His opponents have already stated that the bypolls fight has put the lone Sikh leader’s political future at stakes as no major federal party leader has ever lost any bypoll since 1942.

Jagmeet’s NDP was placed third in Canada and has less than half support compared to the two other major political outfits — Liberals headed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Progressive Conservative Party (PCC). But a recent poll survey has placed Jagmeet ahead of his rivals.

On the other hand, Jagmeet Singh based in North and East Coasts is the lone Sikh who has created a history of sorts in 2017 by taking the top slot of one of the three national political parties of Canada.  Known for his stylish outfits, Jagmeet Singh is seen as a symbol of Punjabi pride in Canada. During the ongoing poll campaign, he promised people for better housing, medication covered under the universal health care system, and jobs.

While interacting with media and people he always mentions that he would be leading the NDP into the general elections in October 2019 and he wants to become the Prime Minister of Canada. Meanwhile, some critics also said that there is a proposal in Quebec to ban wearing of all religious signs for officials holding important positions. Thus Singh may not be able to support the move for his own religion. This is why the February bypolls will be a back breaking poll contest for Jagmeet.

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