A crorepati beggar who accepts mobile payments, offers tip for counting cash stacks

Chinese millionaire beggar

The Hush Post| 16:00 |one-minute-read|

Ever heard of a crorepati or a millionaire beggar ? Well, there is one who earns close to Rs 1.50 lakh converted into Indian currency.

The beggar has a two-storey swanky house in Beijing and his children go to the best of schools in Beijing. Not just this, he employs people on temporary basis to count money the stacks of notes and then gives tip to those who count.

But cash is apart from what he earns after accepting online payments on mobile and that amount equals the money he earns from what he earns as cash.

He swiftly moves into a subway compartment using his hands, with his legs deliberately twisted on the ground. He starts his business by begging people to put money in an empty box hanging around his neck. He usually shuttles between Liujiayao Station in Beijing’s southern Fengtai District and the southern entrance of of western Huixin Street, a transfer station between Subway Line 5 and Subway Line 10, turning on cacophonous songs, full of pathetic lyrics. If he gets 300 yuan in a round trip, he completes his work after three rounds in a day. Besides, he has also monopolised his business en route by beating other beggars out of sight.

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