Chinese women are looking for sperm donors overseas, know why

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Chinese women are looking for sperm donors and why? The number of rich and educated women in China is rapidly increasing and strangely they are looking for foreign sperm donors. These women want to be mothers but don’t want to get married. As the trend gained momentum, China imposed a ban on unmarried women to undergo IVF and sperm bank procedures. This has affected the women who are now turning towards other countries to achieve motherhood.

China imposed a ban since the highly educated women are finding it hard to find a suitable partner for marriage. Reports say, many of them simply don’t want to get married.

The rate of marriages has dropped drastically in China during the last five years. Official figures reveal only 7.2 out of 1000 persons got married last year. Reports suggest that highly educated women have to face discrimination from their partners as Chinese males are chauvinists. However, Chinese women don’t want marriage to be an impediment in motherhood and hence are looking for sperm donors and adopting IVF techniques.


Analysts forecast that by 2022 fertility services sector in China will reach $1.5 billion, twice that of what was in 2016. Reports say there is an increased demand for these services in other countries.

Danish sperm and egg bank Cries International has even put a Chinese website in place and has hired staff which is eloquent in Mandarin.  American and European sperm banks have reported an increase in the number of Chinese clients. However, this is neither cheap, nor easy. Foreign sperm banks charge around 2 lakh Yuan or $28,500 initially for the process.

China’s health department maintains sperm banks are to address infertility and genetic problems. Liu Giyen, director of a fertility hospital in Beijing says, “We want to help unmarried women but there is a ban on the process. If women chose options in other countries, they will have to travel abroad frequently”.

In China, sperm donors do not have to reveal their name. However, international sperm banks provide all the details ranging from background of the donor to the colour of his hair.

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