Click a photograph of a woman wearing skirt in Britain and land behind bars

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Secretly clicking a photograph of woman wearing skirt her consent has been criminalized In Britain. The new law is a result of a campaign initiated by a woman 18 months back. 26-year-old Gina Martin was targeted at London music festival following which she launched a campaign.

According to the new law, whosoever takes a photograph of a woman or a girl without her consent will land behind the bars. The law provides a punishment of 2 years in jail. The name of the offender will also be incorporated in the list of sexual offenders in the country.

Britain’s upper house had approved a bill on Tuesday to make so-called ‘upskirting’ a sexual offence. The bill got the formal approval from the Queen after passing the House of Lords on Thursday. The move is seen as a victory for women’s rights groups.

“We did it. We made upskirting a sexual offence! I am exhausted and so happy,” said Gina Martin on social media.

The bill comes under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, and will cover England and Wales. Upskirting is already a crime in Scotland.

Martin had launched a petition to make it a sexual offence after she spotted two men taking photos of her crotch at a music festival in London’s Hyde Park in July 2017.

Earlier, such persons were prosecuted through other legal venues like ‘outraging public decency or harassment’.

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