In a rare, British girl sleeps continuously for three weeks, misses exams

The Hush Post | 17:14 | One-minute read

A 21-year-old British girl is in news just because of her rare sleeping habits. Rhoda Rodriguez from Leicester even missed her second year of university exams because she slept for three weeks.

Rhoda is actually suffering from a rare ‘Sleeping Beauty syndrome’ and can nap for up to 22 hours a day. During her strange naps she only wakes in a dream-like trance to eat junk food, drink and go to the toilet.

Rhoda’s doctors discovered that the psychology student is actually has the one-in-a-million Kleine-Levin Syndrome. People who suffer with the syndrome are known to grow out of the condition eventually which Rhoda has learnt to manage in adult life.

On the better part, she has now re-enrolled to resume her studies and is sitting her second year exam again.

“I am more aware of it now. I know when I am going to have an episode of nap. It used to feel like I was in a dream. It is such a surreal feeling. It feels like you are not really there,” said Rhoda.

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