DNA test reveals woman gave birth to twins from two dads | She had one-night stand

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In a bizarre incident, a woman gave birth to twins, but from two different men. The incident has been reported from China.

After the birth of the twins, the turn of events revealed that the woman had cheated on her husband. The extra-martial affair was exposed when the paternity test – a routine legal process- was conducted on the babies, reported The Sun.

The man had started doubting his wife as the twins were neither identical in appearance nor in behaviour.  One child had different eyes, mouth and nose and did not resemble the man in any way.

When the DNA test results came, not only the woman and the doctors were shocked, the husband was devastated. The paternity test disclosed that the twins were fathered by two different men.

The woman at once disowned the DNA test report and accused her husband of tampering with the results. The matter became serious soon after and the woman finally admitted to having a one-night stand with another man.

The unusual case was made public by the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen.

Doctors say it is an extremely rare case of “heteropaternal superfecundation” when two or more eggs released in the same cycle are fertilised by sperm from different fathers. It is rare in humans but common in cats, dogs, and cattle.

Medical experts suggest that the woman may have entered into a physical relationship with both the men on a single day and may have conceived the very same day.

The husband and wife are reported to have buried the hatchet now.

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