Drunken man goes for a 300 miles ride in an Uber; incurs bill of more than one lakh

The Hush Post: While drunken driving can be very dangerous, being drunk and calling in a paid cab can be equally dangerous. An example of this has just come to light in the United States.

Drunk Kenny Bachman paid more than Rs 1 lakh for an Uber ride when he wrongly typed out the drop destination to be some 300 miles away!

So while on an average, travellers may pay only a couple of hundred rupees, Kenny Bachman paid a whopping $1,635.93 (Rs 1.06 lakh).

Kenny Bachman was partying with his friends and got pretty drunk. In order to reach back home safely he decided to call a cab on Uber. In high spirits, he selected the wrong drop location to one that was some 300 miles away!

Bachman was partying in Morgantown, West Virginia, and decided to call the cab to the place where he was staying near the West Virginia University’s campus. Instead, he selected the option for his home in Gloucester County, New Jersey. If that was not disastrous enough, while choosing the car option he also opted for UberXL, which can hold up to six passengers.

Almost after 2 hours, when he finally woke up in the passenger seat, he did not know what was happening or who the driver was. He decided to continue the ride back to his hometown since it was too late to turn back.

Uber confirmed that the ride happened and hence Kenny had to pay the full price, approximately over Rs 1 lakh.

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