Earthquake hits quake-prone Philippines yet again; no casualities reported

Philippines was hit by a series of earthquakes several times in April last year too

The Hush Post: An earthquake measured 5.9-magnitude on Richter scale hit the second largest Philippine island of Mindanao, the US Geological Survey reported on Thursday.

The tremor was registered at 3:53 a.m. GMT around 45 kilometers (28 miles) southeast from the Tarragona municipality. The epicenter lay at the depth of 64.4 kilometers (40 miles), Sputnik online reported.

The report said that there was no immediate report of casualties or damage and no tsunami warnings were issued.

Last year in April, Philippines were hit by earthquakes several times. On April 12  a 5.8-magnitude quake hit the southern Philippines north of the town of Osias. Another earthquake of 5.3-magnitude occurred in the vicinity of the Tandag city in the northern part of Mindanaoon on April 23. Another earthquake struck Philippines on April 28 on Saturday morning near Mindanao, it was reported.

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