Daughter seeks dad’s help to write bio-data, the hilarious CV goes viral…Read

The Hush Post: A teenage girl got a shock when she asked her father to prepare her resume. And this is what she wrote for her.

He drafted the most honest bio for her, but he went a little too far about her qualifications and strengths, etc. Now, the resume is going viral, and people are laughing out loud.dad resume of daughter

Lauren Moore from England got way more than she bargained for when she asked her father to write her CV. Her father listed her qualities under formal subheads like educational qualifications, work experience and skills & qualities. But it is what he put under those categories that has put everyone on Twitter goingdad-write resume in splits.dad-CV of daughter

From writing “fail” in two subjects, he wrote that she is mostly browsing facebook and “not listening” under work experience!

And if that wasn’t enough he listed things like “typical 16-year-old”, someone who doesn’t care about anything, “lazy”, “ignorant”, and “rude” under her skills and personal qualities.

Tweeple said the CV is gold and said her dad is “Father of the Year”! While some said their dad might have roasted them the same way, others lauded her for sharing it knowing that such ‘honest’ CV might ruin her chances of getting a job actually while others said this CV is certainly going to get her a job.

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