Europe’s biggest sex festival attracts hundreds in small England village

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Europe’s biggest sex festival was this time organized in Worcestershire in England. Hundreds of swingers descended on Malvern, a sleepy village for the 3-day long sex fest named Swingfields. Festival-goers splashed out up to 415 pounds (Rs. 35000) for a three day pass to the festival.

Reportedly, a woman swinger had a heart attack at a sex festival after “overdoing it during group activities”. She was airlifted to the hospital on Friday evening and is recovering in cardiac ward.

The festival was attended by people of different sexual choices, including the LGBT. The festival was this year held near the hamlet of Upper Welland, two miles from Malvern. The event was organized on a farmland with tents erected for the revelers.

Swingers are given a host of names including “hot wife”, “full swap”, “unicorn” and “soft swap”. When they arrive revellers are handed a colour-coded wrist band, showing other guests what they are looking for.

‘Hot wives’ are wives who enjoy casual sex with other men, ‘bulls’ are well-endowed men – married or single – looking for sex, while ‘unicorns’ are so-called because they are single women and so rare in the swinging scene that few people have ever seen one.

The locals though, were not happy about the event. Accordingly apt security arrangements were in place. Commoners or media persons weren’t allowed and the revelers too were refrained from talking to the press.

The organizers maintained that the event was organized in line with the local law and requisite permissions were taken.

The entire sex festival was a secret affair. The revelers were informed about the location just a few hours before the start of the event.

Swingfields festival started six years ago and has been running annually since.

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