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A man cremated in deep sleep; during cremation he screamed but couldn’t be saved from dying

The Hush Post: In a fatal mistake, a worker of the Jefferson County morgue died last week when his colleagues accidentally cremated him.

The Beaumont Police Department said that Henri Paul Johnson (48) was taking a nap on a stretcher after working for sixteen hours continuously. As he was in a deep sleep, another morgue worker mistook him for the corpse of a 52-year-old car accident victim and carried him to the crematory, a report said.

Fatal Mistake: Colleagues accidentally cremate Texas morgue employee while he was in deep sleep

Henri Paul Johnson (48) was taking a nap on a stretcher after working for sixteen hours continuously when his colleague accidentally cremated him. -Photo courtesy

Before the mistake could be noticed by anybody, the morgue employee had been exposed to temperatures ranging between 1400 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and reduced to ashes, the report said.

Jenna Davis, one of Henri Johnson’s co-workers, reportedly said she heard him scream for about 15 seconds after the crematory was activated.


Jenna Davis says she heard the victim scream in agony as the crematory was reducing him to ashes.

“At first, we didn’t understand where the sound was coming from. When we realised what was happening, it was too late. We shut down the heating system, but he was already dead,” Jenna Davis was quoted as saying in the report.

Jenna Davis said that the young co-worker who caused the accident was new at the job and had forgotten to check for the toe tag to make sure he had the right body.

The police have started an investigation to determine the exact circumstances that led to Henri Johnson’s death. The cops have not ruled out the possibility of filing criminal charges against the employee who caused his death, the report said.

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