Flight returns midway as student makes hoax bomb call| wanted to stop parents from visiting him

The Hush Post| 12:05 pm| 1-min read
A student in France has been accused of calling in a hoax bomb threat on an easyJet flight. He really did not want his parents to visit him.
According to The Independent, the 23-year-old boy made an anonymous call regarding the bomb. The flight was made to turn around on January 18. The flight, which was carrying 159 passengers from Lyon to Rennes in France, was forced to turn around shortly after take-off.

“The author of the facts has been identified,” the public prosecutor of Rennes said in a statement. He added that it was a student based in Rennes who did not want his parents, onboard the plane, to visit him.
After it was found that he made the hoax call, the student was taken into custody.
According to Fox News, if prosecuted, the student can face up to five years in prison and a $85,000 fine.

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