Nirav Modi’s lawyer pleads, ‘pet dog alone, grant him bail’

nirav modi arrested

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The Westminster Magistrate’s Court in London has denied bail to fugitive Nirav Modi. This is for the second time that Modi, wanted in a 13,500 crore PNB bank fraud case, has been denied bail. Nirav Modi will have to stay behind the bars till April 26. His lawyer put forth many arguments before the judge, trying to establish his close ties to the UK.

However, the court refused to grant bail.

Out of the many arguments laid by Modi’s counsel, Clare Montgomery, it was also submitted that his dog is living alone. The court was informed that Modi’s son has gone to the US for higher studies and left behind a dog at home.

“He did have a son at Charterhouse (school in London) who has now gone to university in the States and as a sign of ageing parents, led Modi to get a dog instead. None of these actions are emblematic of someone setting out to flee the country,” NDTV quoted Ms Montgomery.

Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot on declined the bail application on the grounds that Modi did pose a “substantial” flight risk and that he lacked “community ties” with the UK.

Nirav’s defence lawyers even offered a 1 million pound security deposit, but failed to impress the court.

Notably, Nirav Modi is in Britain since 2018.  He was arrested from London on March 19 and was sent to police custody till March 29 after his first bail plea was rejected.

A CBI team from India is also in London to assist the Crown Prosecution Service.

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