She joined ISIS at 15, with 2 kids now this German woman wants to go home

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A  German lady named Leonora has fled from the ISIS terrorist barracks, saying that it is time to go home. Four years ago, this 19 years old young lady left her country to live under ISIS group.

Wearing a long billowing black robe and white spotted head scarf, she said in English, “ I was a little bit naive.”

In eastern Syria near the Iraqi border, the US backed armed forces are fighting hard with ISIS terrorists. This has made thousands of people flee from the region. As Leonora said, she came to Syria at an age of 15 only, just two months after converting to Islam. She even had her two children to look after.

She spoke to AFP at a screening centre for the displaced run by US-backed Syrian Democratic forces. According to reports by AFP, he said that after three days of her coming to Syria, she married her German husband. She became third wife of German terrorist Martin Lemke after he travelled to Syria with his first two wives.

She first lived in the terrorist’s group of de-facto Syrian capital of Raqa but she was just a housewife. “I was just at home, in (the) house, cooking, cleaning – stuff like this,” said Leonora as she was trying to justify herself.

Kurdish authorities of Syria holds hundreds of foreign alleged ISIS fighters for detention and thousands of their wives and children in camps.

Furthermore, she said that the life at Raqa for her was easy but that changed when SDF with support of US started attacking the terrorists.

“Then they lose Raqa and we started to change house every week because they lost every week a city,” she said. According to her, when the Kurdish-led SDF started attacking ISIS, they used to leave their families alone without even caring for anyone.

As she said, her husband Lemke, who has been detained by SDF, worked as a technician for ISIS. But German newspapers portrays him as an influential figure among terrorists in Syria. Eventually she said, “I want to go back to Germany to my family, because I want my old life back. Now I know that it was a big, big mistake.”

According to Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, more than 36,000 people have fled the SDF assault on so called “Hajin Pocket” since December. Among them 3200 have been detained as alleged terrorists.

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