Human heart to be delivered in US hospital forgotten in cargo| Plane makes mid-air U-turn

The Hush Post|10:05 am| 1-min-read
A human heart was left on board a US plane after the crew forgot to unload it. The aircraft started on another flight with the heart in the plane cargo. After the mistake was realised, the flight was turned back mid-air.
This happened on a US passenger plane travelling from Seattle to Dallas. The ailrlines concerned, Southwest Airlines, said the organ had been flown to Seattle from California. But it was never unloaded and its absence was not noticed until the plane was almost half-way to Dallas.
Fortunately, the heart itself had not been intended for a specific patient. The heart was to be processed at a hospital to have a valve recovered for future use, according to BBC.
The plane was reportedly in the air for about three hours.

A human heart for transplant can be stored typically between four and six hours, according to experts, before it is no longer viable for a transplant operation.

Details of the incident, which occurred on Sunday, were revealed in media reports on Thursday.

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