Husband becomes chair for pregnant wife when people turn indifferent

husband become chair

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This husband wins the husband of the year award. The husband turned himself into a chair for his pregnant wife when he did not get a seat. And then the wife sat on his back while waiting for her doctor’s appointment at a hospital. The incident was reported from Hegang in Heilongjiang province of China.

Since then the video has gone viral on social media. It shows the pregnant woman having trouble standing. Her partner or probably husband sits down on the floor and lets her sit on his back. She leans against him while holding on to a railing.

What is upsetting is that none of the people sitting in the corridor offered their seats to her. The man then passes water bottle to his wife to ensure she remains hydrated.

The video was shared by Hegang police on their official account on short-video sharing application Douyin.

The police criticised the onlookers who kept staring at their phones and praised the husband.

The video has been shared across social media platforms.

It has been viewed over 4 lakh times on Twitter alone. People want to give him ‘husband of the year’ award.

While another added, “To see that people on the bench looking at their phones is so upsetting. The husband did the best he could.”

There were some who pointed out that there were seats at the end of the corridor. But, they were quickly opposed by others arguing that it would have been difficult for her to walk so far given her physical condition.

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