Husband-wife make out aboard US flight; arrested

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A couple was arrested in the US for engaging in a sexual act aboard a flight. The husband and wife made out in a busy United Airlines flight. Both of them were arrested upon landing.

A report in The Sun said that Enrique Gonzalez, 48, and his wife engaged in a sexual act aboard the United Airlines flight between Los Angeles and San Antonio.

A witness saw the wife performing sexual acts on Gonzalez who too reciprocated. Gonzalez is accused of looking passengers in the eye during the sexual encounter.

The couple was arrested shortly after landing in San Antonio International Airport in Texas.

Another report stated the FBI saying that the criminal conduct began when the cabin lights were dimmed. The act continued for approximately 30 minutes, during which Gonzalez met the witness’ eye and continued his conduct, the FBI said.

Gonzalez is scheduled to be sentenced on charges of lewd, indecent or obscene conduct which took place in February. The 48-year-old was found guilty of the federal misdemeanour charge on Wednesday. He faces a possible £400 fine or 90 days in jail.

Gonzalez’s wife, who was also on the flight, said she was aware of her husband’s actions and admitted to police that she “played with it” as well.

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