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Indonesia villagers kill 300 crocodiles as the revenge of a man’s death (WATCH VIDEO)

The Hush Post: Nearly 300 crocodiles were killed by angry people of a village in Indonesia as the revenge of a man’s death who died after he was bitten by a crocodile.

Hordes of villagers armed with knives, machetes, and shovels killed nearly 300 crocodiles. They killed as many as 292 crocodiles, ranging from adults to babies, at a crocodile farm in Sorong, West Papua on Saturday, immediately after the funeral of the victim, a 48-year-old man, a report said.

TThe reports said that the victim, identified as Sugito, had died when he fell into an enclosure at the farm while trying to get grass to feed his livestock on Friday. Sugito was bitten on the leg before being fatally struck by the tail of one of the crocodiles.

“One of the crocodile farm employees heard someone screaming for help and ran to the scene where they saw a person being mauled by a crocodile. Hundreds of locals joined the man’s family, creating a mob to kill the crocodiles that outnumbered police and conservation officials,” Basar Manullang, head of Indonesia’s natural resources conservation agency in West Papua was quoted as saying in the report.

“The residents used knives to slaughter the crocodiles. The crocodiles were caught and dragged outside and stabbed to death. It was so horrid to see,” a man told the Jakarta Post.

Manullang reportedly said the farm is owned by a resident of Sorong, who had a legal permit from the Environment and Forestry Ministry to run it.

“The permit is legal and the process [to obtain it] in Jakarta took a long [time]. There were steps and requirements to meet, and it was under the authority of the local government,” Manullang was quoted as saying.

Manullang further said the slaughter was “obviously against the law” and officials may press charges. “The crocodile slaughter violated the law on destroying others’ property,” he reportedly said.

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