“Have sex for six days, six times”, Alibaba founder Jack Ma’s advice for better life

The Hush Post | 6:55 pm | One-minute read

After advising people to follow the “996” spirit (9 am to 9 pm, six days a week at the workplace), Alibaba founder Jack Ma has given another piece of advice for better life.

He suggests the people to follow the spirit of “669” which means have sex for six days, six times, with the duration being the key.

As Daily Mail reports, China’s richest man gave this advice to his employees in Alibaba’s staff group marriage in the country.

Jack Ma said, “At work, we emphasize the spirit of ‘996’. In life, we should follow ‘669’.” He was speaking at Alibaba’s mass wedding which happens every year on ‘May 10’ at company’s headquarters.

His “996” philosophy was harshly criticised by the tech world. However, his new philosophy also created a social media storm with many users calling it lewd.

His message was posted on Alibaba’s official page on Weibo with a winking emoji.

“Making a lewd joke in public and notoriously promoting it- are you being responsible to minors? Thumbs down this time,” read a comment.

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