Jagmeet Singh to play ‘kingmaker’ as Trudeau wins Canada elections, though in minority

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Indian-origin Canadian Jagmeet Singh-led New Democratic Party (NDP), which won 24 seats in the general election, is likely to emerge as ‘kingmaker’. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won a narrow victory, means he will lead a minority government that will be forced to depend on other parties to govern.

In the just-concluded Canadian general election, the results of which were declared on Tuesday, Trudeau’s Liberal Party won 157 seats, the opposition Conservative 121, Bloc Quebecois 32, NDP 24, Green Party 3 and one Independent.

Trudeau would now require at least 13 legislators from his left-leaning rival parties to reach the ‘magic number’ of 170 to form a Liberal Party-led minority government in the 338-seat House of Commons.

“The New Democratic Party is poised to play kingmaker in a minority parliament after Jagmeet Singh spearheaded a turnaround on the federal campaign trail that may have saved his leadership and pulled his party from the brink of irrelevance,” the Toronto Star newspaper reported.

With 24 seats in its kitty, the NDP has lost nearly 50 per cent of the seats it had won in 2015. The party, then led by Thomas Mulcair, had won 44 seats, becoming the third-largest party in the House of Commons in 2015.

Singh, a leftist former criminal defence lawyer, said he wants the NDP to play a “constructive and positive role” in the new Parliament. The first non-white leader of a federal political party in Canada, Jagmeet Singh congratulated Trudeau.


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