Karl Lagerfeld’s cat ‘Choupette’ is the world’s richest cat!

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German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has left behind a fortune for his pet cat Choupette making it world’s richest cat ever.

The world fashion icon breathed his last on February 19, 2019, in Paris. He was 85.

Besides his fashion brand ‘Channel’, the designer was also famous for his affection towards his pet cat Choupette, a fluffy Burmese.

The eight-year-old Choupette is the set to inherit Lagerfeld’s humongous Rs. 1400 crore fortune. According to the French media, long before his death Lagerfeld had said that he has ensured Choupette would go on living in the style that she had become accustomed to.

She now has her own personal bodyguard and two maids.

“Choupette is a rich girl,” he once told French television, hinting that he had written her into his will.

“She has her own fortune,’’ he added, thought to be at least three million Euros ($3.4 million) which she earned with him doing adverts for a German car firm and a Japanese cosmetics brand.

“If anything happned the person who looks after her will not go without,” said Lagerfeld.

The Burmese cat had a way better, luxurious and glamorous life than us. From travelling in private jets to eating in silver plates and chilling with the world’s most famous designers and models, the cat had it all.

Just like her Daddy, Choupette is a famous fashion icon as well. She has an Instagram account dedicated to herself which has a whopping 238k followers. She is also face of Karl Lagerfeld’s own fashion brand which goes by the same name.

Lagerfeld and Choupette shared special love for each other and the posts on Choupette and Lagerfeld’s Instagram account are proof.

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