50 years after divorce, this old couple is all set to re-marry

It was 100 per cent my fault says, the groom Harold Holland about the last time they divorced

The Hush Post: It’s nothing less than a fairy tale. So here is a couple who married in 1955 and got divorced.

Now they are re-marrying after 51 years years.  The groom is 83-year-old Harold Holland and the bride is Lillian Barnes,78. They got divorced on April 14, 1967. Now the two — Harold Holland and Lillian Barnes are all set to tie the knot.

The couple from Kentucky, US married in 1955 and had five children. Twelve years later, they split up but stayed in touch. Both even remarried. However, their respective spouses passed away in 2015.

Now 50 years on, when Holland and Barnes attended a family reunion together they felt good in each other’s company. Despite, age they felt romantic and felt the need to be with one another.

“We decided we want to walk the last mile together,” Holland told the Lexington Herald Leader.

Their grandson, who happens to be a minister, will perform the wedding rituals at a church on April 14.

Holland says,”I’ll be different this time around. He blamed their split on overwork which left his wife to run the household and take care of the five kids.”

“We’ll go do whatever we want to, whenever we want to do it,” Mr Holland told the Lexington Herald Leader. “I’ll take her wherever she wants to go.”

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