Kenyan man seals wife’s vagina with super glue over suspicion of adultery

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In a shocking incident, a man in Kenya sealed his wife’s vagina after he suspected her cheating. The man sealed up his wife’s sexual organs with super glue because he believed she was having four affairs.

36-year-old Dennis Mumo, claimed that he discovered messages his wife had been sending to men on social media.

Mumo further told the police whenever he left his hometown of Kitui on business, his wife met other men.

Zambian Observer reported that Mumo made one such visit to Rwanda. But before leaving, he sealed his wife’s vagina with super glue, leaving her in excruciating pain.

As the locals heard the woman in extreme pain, they tried to save her. Locals rushed her a hospital where doctors performed a surgery on her.

News of the incident has shocked residents and the local police arrested Mumo.  He confessed to the incident and told officers that he did it to save his marriage.

Mumo said he even saw a nude photo of his wife that was sent to one man with the message: ‘Next week there will be fire.’

Police have booked Mumo for domestic violence and damaging his wife’s reproductive organs and risking to make her infertile.

Shockingly, Mumo’s lawyer requested the court to order 100 lashes of the wife for her alleged adultery.

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