Kindergarten teacher in China arrested for poisoning 23 children

The Hush Post | 5:26 pm | One-minute read |

23 children in a kindergarten in China fell ill after their teacher allegedly fed them with poisoned food. The police have detained the teacher of the Mengmeng kindergarten in Jiaozuo city in Henan province.

The children, aged three to six, began vomiting and fainting after breakfast.

A parent told local media that he rushed to the hospital after receiving a call from the school. He found that doctors had already pumped his child’s stomach to prevent high levels of toxicity in his blood.

Reports say, one child is “serious”, while another seven are still in hospital.

Subsequent police investigation held that the teacher, identified only by the surname Wang, had poisoned the food with sodium nitrite. Police took Wang into custody after the March 27 incident.

Sodium nitrite is a food additive used in processed meats and fish products. It can be toxic when ingested in high amounts.

Eating nitrite in high amounts can lead to increased heart rates, headaches, vomiting and even death.

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