Loan, tax waiver for giving birth to more kids in Hungary

The Hush Post | 9:26 pm | One-minute read

Hungarian Prime Minister has announced a lifetime tax waiver for women who raise at least four children. Prime Minister Viktor Orban also announced subsidies for large families to buy larger cars. The announcement comes in the backdrop of declining birth rate in Hungary.

According to the ‘measures’ to improve population, young couples would be granted an interest-free loan of around 26 lakhs. The loan would be waived off if they give birth to three kids.

Justifying his decision, Orban said that it was the only measure to reduce the dependence on immigrants and save Hungary’s future.

Nationalist Orban is a well-known critic of immigration, especially to immigration from Muslim countries.

Hungarian women have fewer children in their lifetime than the European average- 1.45 children, compared to the European average of 1.58.

The Hungarian population is declining by around 32,000 every year. In 2017, 94,600 live births were registered in Hungary and 131,900 deaths were registered.

The highest birth rate in the world is in Niger in Western Africa. Here a woman has an average of 7.24 kids.

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