Gene-edited twin babies Lulu& Nana born in China

gene-edited babies

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Lulu and Nana are very-very special new-borns. The twins are the first genetically edited human beings.

The research was first detailed by MIT’s Technological Review and linked to Chinese medical documents in the Chinese Trial Registry led by Jiankui He, a researcher from Shenzhen’s Southern University of Science and Technology.

The gene-editing may help against infection to human beings. It may help fight HIV AIDS, cancer of various types and other deadly diseases.

The research team has genetically altered the embryos of seven couples. One of them has resulted in pregnancy so far.


Chinese scientists have been denounced for their project in human genome editing before when, in 1025, researchers in Guangzhou reported they had (mostly) successfully edited embryos.

In 2016, the UK gave a nod to use CRIPR and edit donated human embryos in an effort to better understand developmental processes. Japan did the same in October this year. But there still remains ethical concern over the use of technology and some nations have banned the technology altogether.

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