Malaysia bans tourists to mosque after two women danced in a manner they termed was sexy & objectionable

Kota Kinabalu dancing

The Hush Post: A mosque in Malaysia has banned tourists after a video of two women tourists went viral dancing in front of the mosque in skimpily clad clothes.

The pair, who look East Asian in their appearance, were filmed dancing in shorts and tops exposing their mid-riffs on a wall outside the main mosque in the city of Kota Kinabalu, a popular site for visitors and tour groups.

Residents and local Muslim groups were incensed by the risque moves outside the holy site on Borneo island, which is known for its huge blue and gold dome and ornate minarets.

An outraged onlooker can be heard in the video saying: “Why don’t they just fall off the wall?”

Mosque chairman Jamal Sakaran at the weekend slammed “The unacceptable behaviour by foreign tourists” and said there has to be a temporary halt to tourists visiting the mosque in Sabah, adding the move was to preserve the sanctity and purity of Islam.

State Tourism Minister Christina Liew told The Star newspaper that no legal action is required to be taken against the pair as they were unaware of the severity of their actions. But authorities wanted to track them down to explain “that something they deemed as ‘fun’ was actually disrespectful and not right in Sabah”.

Thousands of tourists — both local and foreign — visit the mosque, often during a brief stop in Kota Kinabalu before heading into the jungles of Sabah to see the jungle-clad state’s wildlife.

Tourists can usually visit mosques in Muslim-majority Malaysia, where most practise a moderate form of Islam, but are advised to wear modest clothing.

In 2015, four western tourists pleaded guilty to charges of obscenity for taking nude photos on popular peak Mount Kinabalu, an act some in the country blamed for causing a deadly earthquake.

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