Man shoots wife after watching her sex tape with his best friend

The Hush Post | 8:34 pm | Two-minute read

A man in Florida allegedly shot his wife and her parents after watching her sex tape. He discovered that his wife was cheating on him with his best friend. The accused killed them before his children, who begged him not to do so.  The incident took place in a posh area of Florida.

According to the New York Post, 39-year-old William Brian Stillwell had taken his wife, Mona and his 5-year-old twins to his in-laws place to celebrate the New Year.  William uncovered a video tape at the house and on playing it he received the shock of his life.

The video had his wife Mona making out with his best pal. In a fit of rage, showed up at a backyard gathering where his children were also present. He opened fire on his wife and his parents-in-laws using a 9mm semi-automatic pistol.

Reports said that William’s son and daughter begged him to stop shooting. “No, daddy. No. I don’t want anyone to die,” a child reportedly said.

Fortunately, the children escaped unharmed and the three injured were rushed to the hospital in stable condition. Mona and her mother are set to undergo a surgery while the father-in-law was discharged from the hospital.

The Police have booked Stillwell on charges for attempted murder and child abuse.

Reports say that Mona had recently moved in with her parents because she was experiencing marital trouble.

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