Man who licked toilet seat to mock coronavirus tests positive for COVID-19

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For those who think of Coronavirus disease as a joke and undermine its seriousness, think twice. And, it is certainly not an Internet challenge. A social media influencer who had tried to be “brave” has landed himself into trouble with his foolish act. The man licked a toilet seat in a bid to mock COVID-19, and now has tested positive for it.

Influencers in social media are people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. One such influencer GayShawnMendes had recently taken part in a ‘Coronavirus challenge’ on TikTok. The challenge involved licking the edge of a toilet seat.

The challenge was seen as a way to mock the disease and prove that it doesn’t transmit. Mendes’, also known as Larz, test has finally falsified the claim. The news of Mendess infection came just a few days after he took part in the challenge.

Larz reportedly posted “I tested positive for Coronavirus,” with footage of himself in a hospital bed on Twitter. The account has now been suspended.

Larz was also the same personality who had earlier licked an ice cream in a grocery store, and replaced the tub in a challenge last year.

Earlier a NBA star, Rudy Gobert, had mocked the coronavirus outbreak in a press conference. He had  jokingly touched all of the microphones and recording devices placed in front of him. Gobert later tested positive for the disease.

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