Interpol chief resigns | Meng Hongwei the Interpol chief resigns


The Hush Post: Meng Hongwei police chief of Interpol has resigned. It was announced on Sunday that Interpol has received the resignation of Meng Hongwei. Hongwei, who has been missing since September 25 and is suspected by Beijing of violating the law.INTERPOL CHIEF resigns

Meng resigned “with immediate effect.” Now the Senior Vice President Kim Jong Yang of South Korea has become acting president.

Meng, the first Chinese president of Interpol, was last heard from on September 25 as he left Lyon.

That day, his wife said he sent a social media message telling her to “wait for my call.” Otherwise, she could send a knife emoji signifying danger. She said she feared for his life.

Beijing, which had been tight-lipped about Hongwei’s fate since French officials apprised about his disappearance on Friday, said in a statement that Hongwei “is currently under investigation on suspicion of violating the law.”

Interpol also said that it will elect a new president for the remaining two years.

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