Mexican lawmaker proposes ban on sale of chilled beer to deal with public drinking

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In a bid to deal with increasing public and underage drinking a Mexican lawmaker has come forward with a novel idea. The legislator has proposed outlawing the sale of the chilled beer from retail stores.

Politician Lourdes Paz Reyes of the Mexico City proposed the motion which has not been universally well received.

Reyes belongs to the leftist Morena party of the Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He has introduced a motion in the parliament proposing a ban on the sale of refrigerated beers to combat instances of public drunkenness.

Reyes explained, “If the beer is not refrigerated, then the customers will be forced to take it home. They will then have to first refrigerate it at their homes and will consume it there itself.”

Stores will also be required to post a sign saying alcohol is not for consumption on-premise or in public roadways.

Reyes says the new rules will rid the city of so-called “chelerías,” which sell litres of beer in seedy settings for low prices.

Many Mexicans have ridiculed the prospect of buying warm beer. Hashtag #ConLasCervezasNo (Don’t mess with our beers) is trending on Twitter ever since.

“If they want to disincentive the consumption of alcohol, would it not be preferable to increase the corresponding tax?” said a Mexican.

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