Napoleon’s love letters to his wife fetch Rs 4 crore in auction

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Three love letters written by Napoleon Bonaparte to his wife Josephine de Beauharnais have been auctioned for 5,13,000 Euros (around 4 crore rupees). The French Emperor had written these letters 1796 and 1804.

The auction was held at the Drouot auction house in Paris.

In one of the letters written during his 1796 Italian campaign, the emperor bemoaned the fact that his wife had not written to him.

He wrote, “No letter from you my adorable friend, you must have very sweet preoccupations since you forget your husband, who, though in the midst of business and extremely tired, thinks only and desires only you (…) I am isolated. You have forgotten me.”

At the time, Josephine was having an affair with Lieutenant Hippolyte Charles.

Napoleon and Josephine married in 1796. While Napoleon was 26 that time, Josephine was 32-year-old widow and a mother of two. The couple divorced in 1810, as Josephine was unable to produce an heir.

Though he quickly married Marie Louise of Austria, Napoleon remained devoted to Josephine for the remainder of his life. Her name was the last word he uttered on his deathbed in 1821.

The historically-themed auction run by the French Ader and Aguttes houses also included a rare Enigma encryption machine, used by Nazi Germany during World War II, which went for 48,100 euros.

The items were part of a vast sell-off by the French state of the collection amassed by the collapsed investment firm Aristophil.

It was shut down amid a scandal four years ago, taking 850 million euros (USD1 billion) of its investors’ money with it. The previous 14 auctions, held last year, brought in 26.4 millions euros.

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