Neighbours of citizens Harry and Meghan don’t like them |Here’s why

Harry and Meghan

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Citizens Harry and Meghan Markle’s new neighbours don’t like them. After relinquishing their royal duties, Harry and Meghan are facing the problems they may not have faced in life. Journalists and photographers from as far as Australia have arrived on Vancouver Island.

The pressure of the prying eyes is so much that their new neighbours are now on the verge of being irritated.

There are reports of locals confronting one photographer who was following Meghan as she was hiking in Horth Hill Regional Park. The photos and videos have already appeared on local media outlets.

Harry and Meghan are staring with a tiny seaside community in the greater Victoria area of North Saanich. “I think maybe one of the reasons why Meghan and Harry want to come here is because of this quiet. And because there are people who are respectful of privacy,” Kathryn Sandberg told AFP.

However, the photographers are of a different view. They don’t think that just by giving up royal titles the duo can step out of everything. If Meghan didn’t want to be snapped, won’t she look away, or put her head down, a photographer said. “Instead, she stood up tall and smiled and made sure that, you know, we are able to get the shot,” the photographer said to AFP.

After a photo of Harry, Meghan, son Archie along with their two dogs in a park was published, the duo issued a legal warning over harassment by paparazzi photographers. This photographer apparently took the photo by hiding in bushes.

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