Don’t fuck around, it’s Saudi Arabia | No kissing, alcohol or short dresses; tourists beware

Saudi Arabia kiss ban

The Hush Post | 6:45 pm | One-minute read

People visiting Saudi Arabia need to be more careful now as the country has announced fines for 19 offences related to public decency. The list includes immodest dressing and public display of affection. Also, the alcohol consumption remains illegal and it remains unclear whether a foreigner unmarried couple would be allowed to share a hotel room.

According to the reports, the Interior Ministry’s decision goes with a launch of the visa regime allowing 49 states of the world to visit Saudi Arabia.

The list of the violation listed on the new visa website includes spitting, queue jumping, clicking pictures of people without permission, littering, and playing music at the time of prayer. The fine ranges from 50 riyals (940 Rs) to 6,000 (Approx. 1, 13,000 Rs) riyals.

A Saudi Arabian government media reportedly said, “The regulations are meant to ensure that the visitor and the tourists are aware of the law relating to the public behaviour so that they comply with it.” It also said that the Saudi police had the responsibility for monitoring the offences and imposing the fines.kiss Saudhi Arabia

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