Oldest Corona virus patient recovers |96-yr-old Chinese woman defeats Corona virus, discharged from hospital

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First positive signs about the cure from Corona virus. A 96-year-old woman has recovered from the virus after being treated in intensive care units for three days, a hospital in China said.

The pensioner is believed to be the oldest person in the country. At least 1,383 people have been killed and more than 64,460 patients have been affected globally.

She is four years older than the previous record-holder, who too recovered last week.

Ms Lu (pictured), a 96-year-old woman from China’s Zhejiang Province, has recovered from the novel coronavirus. She was treated in the ICU for three days at a hospital in Hangzhou.

The patient, known by her surname Lu, was discharged yesterday afternoon.

She had been transferred there from a local hospital and taken to intensive care units directly due to her severe symptoms. Apart from it her old age too was a concern.

Her condition improved after being given a series of anti-virus treatment, including the application of hormones and oxygen therapy.

She was allowed to leave the hospital to continue her treatment in a local hospital in her hometown Ningbo after two consecutive nucleic acid tests came negative. Also, the CT scans of her lungs showed improved results, the hospital said.

A video released by local news group Zheijiang News captures the elderly citizen being pushed out of the hospital. They are then taken into an ambulance by medics in hazmat suits.

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