Peel boiled eggs in 10 seconds | Know how

peeling boiled eggs

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Know how to peel boiled eggs in 10 seconds? Hold the hot boiled egg in your hand, put it into a glass and fill it with cold water. Sir the egg inside the glass. And then automatically, the peel of the egg goes off.

The idea has been shared on Twitter by a user with the handle Thund3rB0lt, the video shows a clever hack to peel a boiled egg within 10 seconds.

In the video, one can see that a person puts an egg in a glass. He fills the glass with water and then shakes it vigorously. He then takes out the egg, and is able to easily remove the shell.
The user shared the video on January 6 with the caption, “Apparently I’ve been cracking open hard-boiled eggs wrong all this time… who knew?”

Netizens were impressed and called it a ‘life-changing’ hack.


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