Prior to Saudi Crown Prince’s Pakistan visit, his belongings reach Islamabad in five trucks

The Hush Post | 7:51 pm | One-minute read

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is scheduled to visit Pakistan this week. But before the powerful heir to the oil-rich kingdom arrives, his personal amenities have reached Islamabad.

Dawn News reported that prior to the crown prince’s arrival, his personal belongings reached Islamabad in five trucks. The goods include his exercise equipment and furniture.

Mohammed bin Salman is visiting Pakistan on a business trip. Investment deals worth billions of dollars are expected to be signed between the two-decades-old allies during the visit.

However, the exact date of his arrival has not been disclosed due to security reasons.

Salman’s security team has already arrived in the Pakistani capital. He is expected to stay at the Prime Minister’s House. Two of the top hotels in Islamabad have been booked fully for members of his staff.

The crown prince is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan and military leaders. This will be the first visit of Mohammed as the crown prince.


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