Richest man Jeff Bezos to divorce wife and make her world’s third richest woman; will still retain the top spot

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World’s richest man Jeff Bezos has finalized a record divorce settlement with his wife MacKenzie Bezos.  The Amazon founder will pay his wife an astounding $35 billion (2420 billion rupees).

This divorce will make MacKenzie the world’s third-richest woman while Jeff will remain the world’s richest man.

Earlier, US billionaire Alec Wildenstein and his wife Jocelyn had parted ways after a $3.8 billion settlement.

Jeff and MacKenzie’s divorce settlement now becomes the biggest such deal ever.

According to the deal, MacKenzie will now keep a 4 per cent share in Amazon. The online retail giant is worth $35.6bn on its own.

Besides, MacKenzie will give up her interests in the Washington Post newspaper and Jeff Bezos’ space travel firm Blue Origin.

MacKenzie held 16.3 per cent stakes in Amazon. Now Jeff will keep her 75 per cent stake with him.

Bezos founded Amazon in Seattle in 1994 and MacKenzie was one of its first employees. The couple had married in 1993 and has four children.

Amazon is now vast online retail business. Last year, it generated sales of $232.8bn and it has helped Mr Bezos and his family amass a fortune of $131bn, according to Forbes magazine.

MacKenzie is a successful novelist and has written two books, The Testing of Luther Albright and Traps. She was the student of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morrison at Princeton University.

Jeff Bezos is reportedly in a relationship with former Fox TV host Lauren Sánchez. A US tabloid had published his private messages of an extramarital affair with Sánchez.

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