Russian actress calls people plebs on flight, they hit back by singing Hare Krishna to her |WATCH VIDEO

Lidiya Velezheva

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Here is a really weird flight story of a Russian actress, Lidiya Velezheva who was escorted off a plane for getting into a brawl and calling other passengers plebs. The word pleb means ordinary people or people from a lower social order.

53-year-old Velezheva is a well known Russian actress. She was on a flight from Moscow to Tel Aviv, Israel. As per the reports, the plane had been already delayed for 2 hours due to a technical snag that is when she complained about standing in the airport bus for 20 minutes without a jacket.

The video that was released shows, Velezheva being escorted out of the plane by the officers in uniform. She was heard abusing other passengers on the flight along with the crew. She said, “I am an actress. And you are plebs because you must have bought a ticket for miles. And I bought my ticket for 204000 Rubel (Rs 2,27,088).”

Velezheva is also a political figure who lives in Moscow and is married to actor Alexey Guskov. The couple has two sons.

At one point during the brawl, one more passenger from the flight got up next to Velezheva and started singing, ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna,’ at a very loud pitch to cast out demons.

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