Saudi Arabia beheads 37 people on charges of terrorism, crucifies a body for public display

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Saudi Arabia on Tuesday beheaded 37 prisoners on charges of terrorism. The executions have drawn widespread criticism from several right groups world over. Some have even demand an end to the practice in the Muslim country.

All the 37 prisoners were Saudi nationals. Authorities carried out the executions in several regions including the capital Riyadh as well as Mecca and Medina.

The authorities crucified a man after his death and put his body on public display as a deterrent to others.

Those executed were accused of “forming a terrorist cell” and attacking a security outpost, killing a number of officers. The majority of them were Shia men.

Executions are common in Saudi Arabia, which follows a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Saudi laws keep the activities related to political unrest under the category of terrorism.

In January 2016 Saudi Arabia executed 47 people in relation to terrorism offences.

According to news reports, the Saudi government has executed around 100 people this year. There is a blanket ban on protests and formation of political outfits in the country.

Amnesty International states that the Saudi regime uses these convictions as a political tool to crush dissenting voices from its minority Shi’a population. Many protestors, writers and social workers have been executed in past few years.

Notably, Saudi authorities beheaded two men from Punjab on February 28. The local court held the two guilty of murder.

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