Three-year-old shoots himself, sleeping brother with gunshots thinking it was a toy gun

child wounds brother with gunshot

The Hush Post| 18:15 pm| one-minute-read

Ever heard of a three-year-old playing with a pistol and almost killing his siblings while playing!

Well, two children were wounded in suburban St. Louis after a toddler found a pistol in his father’s backpack. As per a report in The St. Louis Posr-Dispatch the toddler first shot himself in the arm. Then he went curiously to his sleeping 7-year-old brother and shot him in the head with one round on Monday night in Pagedale.

The toddler has been released from the hospital and the older boy is recovering from a skull fracture.

Police say the boys’ father usually takes a bus to work and carries a firearm for protection in his backpack. The father also keeps snacks in the backpack.

Police say that when the father got home from work, he put the backpack in his room and left. That’s when the toddler found the gun and fired it.


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