“Vaginas are missing,” Rock says for less women at Oscars & bucket to catch rain water were awards’ highlights

Vaginas are missing

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“Vaginas are missing,” comment by Chris Rock and bucket kept for catching rainwater were highlights at Oscars 2020.

Steve Martin and Chris Rock roasted Amazon founder Jeff Bezos during the Oscars on Sunday. They poked fun at the Amazon boss’s personal life. They addressed the lack of diversity among the nominees at this year’s awards ceremony.

While discussing so many great directors this year, Martin states, ‘I thought there was something missing on the list this year.’

‘Vaginas?’ Rock says in response, and the audience erupts in applause.

During the Oscars, a bucket too was kept to ensure the trickling of rain-water doesn’t wet the red carpet.

Martin later points out Cynthia Erivo, who played Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist and political activist who helped hide US slaves escaping to freedom in the film ‘Harriet,’ and who was the only person of color nominated at this year’s awards ceremony.

‘Cynthia did such a great job hiding black people that the academy got her to hide all the black nominees,’ said Rock.

The comedians took aim at the billionaire’s messy split from his now ex-wife MacKenzie. They joked that Bezos thought best picture nominated film ‘Marriage Story’ was a comedy.

Bezos, the richest man in the US, began publicly dating journalist and actress Lauren Sanchez, shortly after announcing the divorce.

When spotted in the audience at the awards Sunday night at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Rock proclaimed, ‘Jeff Bezos is here!’

Martin responds, ‘Oh wow, great actor.’

Bezos, appearing to hold his breath as the sketch began, breaks out into a laugh of relief when Martin delivers the sarcastic remark.

Rock continued, saying, ‘Now, he’s got cash. When he writes a check, the banks bounce.’

The audience laughs while Bezos’ reaction remains off camera.

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