Snake slithers on a moving car, tries to bite passengers: WATCH VIDEO

The Hush Post | 8:49 pm | One-minute read |

A video of a dangerous snake catching a ride on a car has gone viral on the social media. The video shows the snake slithering over the moving car and hissing at the passengers. Luckily, the window pane of the car was closed when the incident took place.

The incident has been reported from Kansas in the US. Car owner Kris Henderson had just boarded his car when suddenly a huge, dangerous snake came out of nowhere and landed on the car. He was shocked to see the snake but kept his cool.

The snake was hissing at Henderson and even spit some venom on the window pane. A calm Henderson kept on driving his car and pressed the accelerator. The snake fell off-balance due to increased speed of the car.

Hendersons father too was present in the car alongside him. Shocked, he too can be seen pointing at the snake. “He’s looking at me!” he said.

Henderson finally managed to get rid of the snake by using the wipers of his windscreen.

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