WATCH VIDEO: Angry bison charges at nine-year-old and tosses her ten feet into the air

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In a terrifying incident, an angry bison charged at a nine-year-old girl and tossed her ten feet into the air. The incident was reported from the Yellowstone National Park in the US on Monday. Shockingly, the family of the girl apparently ran to save themselves as the one-ton bull attacked her.

As per reports, around 50 people were present at the Observation Point Trail in the Old Faithful Geyser area, when the incident occurred. The people were within five to ten feet of the bison for at least 20 minutes before it launched an attack.

Eyewitnesses said the bison became agitated and charged the crowd before immediately leaving the area. Luckily, the girl escaped with minor injuries. She was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The whole incident was capture on camera by an onlooker who shared the video on Twitter. The video has since been viewed over four million times.

The poster, Hailey Dayton, claims the family was petting the animal and invading its “personal space” before it charged.

Notably the park’s website it states: “When an animal is near a trail, boardwalk, parking lot, or in a developed area, give it space.

“Stay 75ft away from all large animals – bison, elk, bighorn sheep, deer, moose, and coyotes and at least 300ft away from bears and wolves,” it says.

Yellowstone National Park said the incident is under investigation.

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